November 1, 2012

South America - Chile Valparaiso, the charisma one

The day after, I was off to Valparaiso. Arriving Valparaiso in the late morning, I was impressed by this coastal town a lot more than Santiago. Buenos Aires has La Boca, Santiago has Valparaiso. To my surprise, Valparaiso is a lovely city and I will recommend everyone to come and visit. It is a colourful enclave along the coast with a lot of unique artistic wall paintings.
Colourful street painting, Valparaiso, Chile - May 2010.

I walked most of the recommended places. The Ascensor Concepcion was one of the most interesting ride you can ever take with a scary sound.
Ascensor Concepcion, Valparaiso, Chile - May 2010.
Another beautiful place to explore is the Paseo de Atkinson, with some fine restaurant around.
Paseo de Atkinson, Valparaiso, Chile - May 2010.
I packed and went back to Santiago the evening, as there was an early flight to Easter Island the day after.

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